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Technology as a Catalyst for Inner and Outer Peace - TEDx Presentation

by April Bender

I am excited to share this very engaging and enlightening TED Talk by consciousness technologist, Mikey Siegel, as it offers readers an inside look at a new approach to technology called "enlightenment engineering." I have personally had the privilege of meeting Mikey and he is a huge light in the field of technology and just an all-around wonderful guy. I share this as evidence and affirmation that the new paradigm and worldview that we all seek manifestation of and have worked so hard for is at hand. Changes and profound shifts are afoot in many fields, institutions and disciplines and it is my pleasure to share one powerful example with you today. It is my desire to inspire and affirm you by periodically sharing such ground-breaking research and resources. This video is approximately 15 minutes.
 Enjoy! Video link
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